Basically Corporate

Course REGISTER HEREBasically Corporate is a tailored made program designed to give your business the edge. In a competitive and international world it is the little things that make us and our business' stand apart.

'All people are the same. Its their habits that make them different'


  • Style & Etiquette - How your image reflects on you & your business
  • Communication, Introductions & First Impressions
  • Dining Etiquette - Social, Corporate & International.
  • Cross Cultural Awareness - Key points relating to the nuances between nationalities
  • Effective Networking

Sample programme

Programme – Business Etiquette, First impressions & Responsible ownership for career progression


The training programme focuses on three main topics: effective first impressions, successful style and etiquette in a professional business environment and the importance of responsible ownership to gain trust and career progression.

This programme will be facilitated through a combination of verbal & visual presentation, interactive role play and worksheets.


Programme goals

To raise awareness level of the participants to become more in tune with excellent business etiquette, the protocols and social nuances that will give them an edge in a competitive professional environment.

To develop the participants overall corporate image both verbally and non-verbally to ensure an excellent reflection of the business they represent in order to build lasting client rapport.

To cultivate an awareness of responsible ownership and initiative that will lead to managerial trust and career progression.

Programme Outline Sample


  • Self awareness profile – perception in professional environment.
  • The value of an excellent image – Brand You.


Building Business Relationships

  • First impressions – key points to creating a positive impression
  • Introductions & business protocol
  • Creating a positive Image – successful brand
  • Communication – verbal and written ( social media, email & phone etiquette)
  • Eye contact, body language & gestures
  • Effective networking

Style & Etiquette (in-line with company policy)

  • Business wear
  • Business Casual
  • Groomed for success

Responsibility & Ownership

  • Positive presence will be taken seriously
  • Emotional Intelligence - EI
  • Emotional Questioning – EQ
  • Elevator Pitch - Promoting you