Basically First Impressions

Basically First Impressions

Basically First Impressions

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The programme focuses on exploring the importance of making a great first impression by looking at the key areas of Appearance, Behaviour, communication & Dining. Giving the participants confidence and independence in any environment - social, professional or in interviews.



  • To develop excellent business etiquette, protocols and social nuances that will give them an edge in a competitive professional world.
  • Promote the importance of effective communication and networking.
  • To develop the participants overall image both verbally and non-verbally to ensure an excellent reflection of the business/organisation they represent in order to build a lasting rapport.

This programme is facilitated through a combination of verbal, visual presentation and practical activities. 

All courses are tailor made to meet the client requirements.

Sample Modules:

  • Appearance
  • Behaviour
  • Communication
  • Dining
  • Networking
  • Style & image
  • How to knot a tie
  • Elevator pitch
  • Brand you – reflection on your business
  • Cross Cultural awareness