Basically The Beginning

Basically the Beginning is aimed at children aged from 6-14 years old. During this course they will learn practical life skills in creative and fun ways. Classes are based around cookery & home skills, introductions & communication, presentation & social etiquette. Each element giving both confidence and independence.

Sample of course content

  • Basically Cooking - Soup, Tomato Bruschetta, Chicken pie, Shepherds pie, Meringues, Key lime pie, Mini Cupcakes, Chocolate cake, Cookies.
  • Basically Home - Sewing on a button while creating decorations or beanie hats.
  • White goods, food groups, nutrition
  • The art of the table - setting and dining
  • Invitations - Who, What and Why - What is RSVP ?
  • Communication and first impressions, introductions.
  • Party for parents on the final afternoon.

Basically the Beginning has 4 progressive programs starting with course 1 and ending with course 4 Basically Dining.

Upcoming courses

January at Ballylanders Day Centre starting 30th January 2014

February at New Thatch Farm, Scarteen, starting 19th February 2014

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